Rent Burden Highest in Florida and California

Southern California is one of the most unaffordable regions in the US – each of the four metros have cost-burden rates of 56% or more. Most worryingly, affordability has not improved much in recent years, as wage growth fails to outpace rent increases.

. passes it will continue the rent burden on residents and students in Corvallis. This ballot measure funds limited discretionary services in Corvallis, primarily not used by students. It will mean.

Rent burden is defined as spending more than 30 percent of household income on rent. In 2009, more than half of renter-occupied households with children (54 percent) experienced rent burden. Between 2002 and 2009, the proportion of households with children affected by rent burden increased significantly.

Dong, who is an associate professor of Urban Planning and Geography at California State University. leads to faster growth of rental burden. This is not to say that income inequality is the only.

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California is one of the three states tied for highest poverty rate, alongside Florida and Louisiana.. many people struggle with high housing cost burden.". pocket money is going toward.

One in every five americans call california. highest level of poverty, according to the Supplemental Poverty Measure. When accounting for the cost of housing, the value of all government benefits,

Indeed, 44 percent of low-income households in the state of Florida spent more than half of their incomes on rent in 2008-2012, making it tied with California as the most rent-burdened state in.

Florida, Hawaii, and California have the worst scores: each of them have cost-burden rates of 57% or higher. 30% of renters there spend more than half their income on rent. States on the costly coasts (the Northeast, Southeast, and West Coast) performed most poorly: almost every state there had cost-burden rates higher than the national average.

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 · In fact, nearly a third of all cost-burdened renters come from either California, New York or Florida. In Sacramento, part of the problem is rent growing faster than incomes.

In addition, states and some localities levy taxes on capital gains income, which range from zero percent in states with no individual income tax, such as Florida, Texas, South Dakota, and Wyoming, to.

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