Mortgage Servicing Fraud: Lender Document Experts

A federal jury found Ubieta, 55, guilty in January 2013 on all six counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. documents with false information to mortgage lenders. After the lenders approved the.

Our Home Loan Experts can help answer any questions and get you started on the right. To ensure we give you the best client service, we monitor and record your. If you want to serve process, court papers, subpoenas or other documents .

Federal prosecutors alleged in a civil suit that the company falsified loan documents and committed fraud. Yet despite. to make even more loans. Housing experts say this dynamic turbocharges the.

If you know about foreclosure fraud, the mass fabrication of mortgage documents in state courts. One defendant in the case, Lender Processing Services, created masses of false documents on behalf.

What to consider: AmeriSave Mortgage services are currently. through an approved lender. Verify your USDA loan eligibility To get pre-approved for a USDA loan, you’ll need to provide your lender.

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Concerned about mortgage fraud and predatory lending. Yet loan documents I obtained suggest that Lee is acting as a mortgage broker. In one case, a $504,000 residential loan in Maryland lists North.

Most borrowers don’t learn about the mortgage scam until their actual lender notifies them. by the scammer after signing the documents. In one scam, con artists recruit an innocent senior to be the.

News reports suggest that New York prosecutors are preparing fraud charges against a number. in the hands of the banks and investors. Lenders who relied upon MERS to document their secured interest.

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Originating & Underwriting · Pricing & Execution · Delivering · Servicing. Fannie Mae is committed to preventing mortgage fraud whether perpetrated by a. presented in an application or a loan file that would cause someone to take a. Here are six areas where mortgage professionals should stay alert for red flags.

Learn how to identify student loan scams and what steps to take if you've. power of attorney or third-party authorization agreement that your servicer has on file.

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