Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

In the United States, that requires bridging the gap between the U.S. public and a Washington, DC, foreign policy.

Mike Pence To Attend "Tax Prom" Funded By Corporate Billionaires Next Week  · Democrats’ Debate Qualification Rules Too Easy to Game Rich candidates are buying artificial donors to stay in the contest.. (They’re both at 0.5% in the. NH and maybe NV and SC later.

Graham, too, contends that U.S. control of the oil fields would “deny Iran and Assad. had studied the issue and concluded.

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 · Is it correct for the American people who don’t have any experience of inside the Beltway, inside Capitol Hill, that really there are these congressional staffers, maybe even members of Congress, who are sitting there as they’re conducting their daily business of enacting the legislation that’s going to control the way people engage in.

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The committee blasts out small-dollar donor-centric email solicitations of all sorts almost daily, while aggressively courting big-money contributors, too. Former vice president joe biden, Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia and Lujn will, for example, gather March 21 at the suburban Washington, D.C., home of real estate heiress Tori Winkler Thomas.

"It’s easier to get rich at 50, even 60 or 70, than it is to get rich at 30," Siebold says. "There’s no question of that in my mind. Older people have the life experience that a kid just doesn’t have. Maybe [younger people] know more about technology, but we lived longer and know the ups and downs.

Well, maybe many citizens do not have that idea, because it is just flat wrong. Another infamous email demanding passage of a mythical "Congressional Reform Act" claims members of Congress do not pay Social Security taxes. That, too, is wrong

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No young man should go into politics if he wants to get rich or if he expects an adequate reward for his services. An honest public servant can’t become rich in politics. He can only attain greatness and satisfaction by service. Off the Record: The Private Papers of Harry S. Truman (1997), ed. Robert H. Ferrell, p. 306 (Google Books).