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However, many people end up doing the wrong things and believing that they have made the value of their house increase. If you want to invest money into the improvement of your house, you will want to make sure that you are getting some type of return on your dollars. Here is how to make appropriate home improvements for an upcoming appraisal.

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In both cases, the sum of your first mortgage plus the new second mortgage typically can’t exceed 80% of the value of your home. For example, if you had a $220,000 first mortgage on your $300,000-valued home, many lenders would consider giving you a second mortgage (fixed or HELOC) for up to $20,000.

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Ways to Increase the Appraised Value of Your Home. Knowing the appraisal value of your home is important if you are going to be refinancing your home, selling your home or getting a reverse mortgage loan. But you don’t have to sit back and wait in angst for the appraised value to come in.

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Eight Ways You Can Improve Your Home Appraisal. The loan squeaked through, after the bank crafted an exception for the Mays. It was able to do that because their loan was a jumbo loan, not subject to the more rigid underwriting standards they would have encountered if it were a conventional loan aimed at secondary buyers like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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