7 Insane Movie Scenes That Are Shockingly Common In Reality

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The Bus Jump Would Have Ended Badly in Real Life. the certifiably insane stunt driver, the driver seat was moved back 15 feet and secured with a floor-to-ceiling stabilizer to prevent the.

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In Connecticut, a man tried to flee the scene of a crash on a bike, only to ride it straight into the side of a police cruiser, because he was a s****y driver on any mode of transport.. But ground escapes are for amateurs — the high-rollers glide along the waterways of the world. Criminals frequently try to escape the authorities on boats, no doubt inspired by the gondola gangs of Venice.

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Also, I felt like talking real loud because I wanted company. It seems like everything I read about Arizona is just bat-shit insane. Man creates fake porn site profile to slander local principal?

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As is probably clear from this list, it’s shockingly common for people to feel like fictional movies were inspired by their lives. There aren’t a whole lot of truly original ideas floating around Hollywood and, occasionally, a movie will be released that bears suspicious resemblance to the life of a real person.

The following biopics have as much in common with the true events. 7 movies based on a True Story (Are Shockingly Full of Crap). Argo depicts the CIA's insane scheme to secretly rescue six. Also, that tense scene at the airport?. In reality, Canada responsibly bought the plane tickets well ahead of.

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